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Looking for mods/artists/members [30 Mar 2014|09:09am]

If you guys are interested in joining the comms I've started, here's the list. You can let me know here or on facebook

Willow/Angelus community/facebook group:

Willow community/facebook group:

Any fandom community/facebook group:

Lily Drake aka Lilith community/facebook group:

Catwoman lj community/facebook group:

Angela Weber of the Twilight Saga community:

Angela/Riley of the Twilight Saga community/facebook group:
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First Concept art of The Scarlet Witch [18 Mar 2014|11:21pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

Who do you think should portray her?
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FIC: "We Meet in the Middle On Our Way Back Down to Earth"; rated PG-13 [26 Sep 2011|01:51am]

Title: "We Meet in the Middle On Our Way Back Down to Earth"
Rating: PG-13 (light descriptions of violence)
Word Count: 1,972
Summary: Wanda intends to get her revenge on Magneto, no matter what it entails, even if it means hurting the person closest to her in the world. Set after the season three episode, "The Stuff of Villains," and, I guess, meant to take the place of "The Toad, The Witch, and The Wardrobe." Title comes from (wince) Justin Bieber's "Down to Earth."

( 'She brandishes an object suddenly, pulled from her pocket, and Pietro gapes at it fearfully. 'Wanda, why do you need a knife? Put it down, okay? Y-you ... you could really hurt somebody.'' )
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FIC: "Birthday Boy"; Lance/Pietro; implied Lance/Kitty; rated NC-17 [23 Sep 2011|06:00pm]

Title: "Birthday Boy"
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2,255
Summary: Wanda's brilliant plan to get Pietro and Lance together on Lance's birthday leaves Pietro a little tied up. Warning: Bondage. Features Wanda the Perverted, Vaguely Incestuous Matchmaker, Pietro/Lance, and implied Lance/Kitty. Set around season 2/3 of "Evolution."

''Are you sure this is a good idea?' Pietro Maximoff asked his twin sister Wanda, watching nervously as she continued winding thick, red ribbon around his ankles, eventually securing it in one of several tight knots.' )
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FIC: "Going to the Chapel"; Erik/Charles (Pietro and Wanda make appearances); rated PG [08 Sep 2011|10:23pm]

Title: "Going to the Chapel"
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,272
Summary: Charles and Erik get gay married, "X-Men: Evolution"-style! Takes place some time after the series finale.

( 'Charles is ruminating over the way Erik's toothbrush handle (red, of course, and Charles' is blue) crosses in front of his, protective and bold, and that's when he decides that he has officially become a sentimental old sod, and makes his way back out into his and Erik's shared master suite.' )
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FICS: 2 "Evolution" stories: Charles/Quicksilver/Avalanche dub-con; Pietro/Wanda twincest; NC-17 [08 Sep 2011|08:14am]

[ mood | working ]

Here's some more "Evolution" stuff, sorry for spamming. Please read the descriptions carefully, as they are both potentially squicky.

Title: "Trapped"
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1,669
Summary: Magneto isn't the only person awaiting Charles' arrival on Asteroid M. WARNING: Contains dub-con Charles/Quicksilver/Avalanche; implied Magneto/Charles. Contains bondage.

( 'Lance finishes securing the blindfold and tugs out more fabric from his pockets. 'He's our prisoner, man,' he smirks, and Charles tries not to panic when he feels the shaggy-haired boy begin to bind his wrists to the arms of his chair. 'We can do whatever we want with him.' )

Title: "Whenever You Need Me"
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1,803
Summary: It's a dark and stormy night, but at least Pietro and Wanda have each other. WARNING: Explicit twincest. Takes place during season two of "Evolution," shortly after Wanda comes to live at the Brotherhood mansion. Title is from Billie Myers' "Kiss the Rain."

( 'Wanda has always hated storms, in general. When they were little, she used to curl up with him whenever a particularly hard bout of rain or sleet or snow hit, and they would wrap their small bodies together and wait out the worst of the elements' vengeful behavior together.' )

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FICS: 9 "Evolution"-based stories (Erik/Charles, Pietro and/or Wanda-centric) & two sets of drabbles [07 Sep 2011|06:46pm]

In the advent of "First Class" hitting theatres, I've been writing a lot of "X-Men" stuff as of late, and even more specifically recent, a lot of "Evolution"-based stuff. I tend to concentrate on Professor X and Magneto (both together as a romantic coupling and just themselves), as well as Pietro and Wanda, though other characters seem to make appearances when the mood strikes; for example, I've now officially written Quicksilver/Avalanche. Anyways, I'm crossposting some of my "Evolution" stories to a few like-minded communities, so apologies if you see these advertised more than once.

Links, with full descriptions and ratings, of 9 'Evolution'-based stories, plus several drabbles/'ficlets.Collapse )
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[14 Aug 2011|08:00pm]

93 Wanda and Pietro icons.

All basic bases that you're free to use any way. No need for credit. Was just trying to make myself a Pietro base and got a bit carried away. ~_~

Read more...Collapse )
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The Movie Version of Scarlet Witch [24 Oct 2010|09:09am]

Who would you pick to be this extraordinary and beautiful Mutant?

Which Actress?

Alyson Hannigan
Emma Stone
Holly Marie Combs
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Scarlet Witch/Vision fanmix [22 Aug 2010|06:13pm]


Just Like the Movies: The Vision & The Scarlet Witch
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Stolen Cubs sign [21 Jul 2009|09:53pm]

[ mood | distressed ]

 Hello, Scarlet Witch fans! Sorry to intrude and no I don't have anything of our favorite Mutant done just yet since I've been pretty busy with other Projects, but right now there's a situation that has happened other than what is happening with the economy.

If you live in Illinois, then you may or may not have heard of a Cubs sign being stolen about a month ago and for those who don't, my Grandmother Marcella Johnston who is 85, is a life long Chicago Cubs fan. She has her house in her very own style; her interior decorating including a Cubs lamp, Cubs clock, Cubs calendar, the Department 56 Cubs ceramic village, and an autorgraphed Cubs umbrella by Milt Pappas, when open, it looks like a big baseball cap.

But one of the things she holds close to her heart, is the 6 foot diameter Cubs symbol made by my late Grandfather, Steve Johnston, even though he was a Yankees fan, he still loved my Grandmother and love is one of the most beautiful and greatest things in the world. They were a couple for more than half a century, marrying just before he joined the Navy and served on the light cruiser USS Cleveland in the Pacific.

The sign was stolen on Tuesday, June 21st and the Cubs logo had been lit by floodlight. If you or anyone you know has any information on the wheabouts of the Cubs sign,  you can either comment me or send me an e-mail at Oberlander1384@comcast.net

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Scarlet Witch Fanfic Recs? [10 Apr 2009|01:30pm]

Basically, what the subject line says: Can anyone recommend some fanfic where Wanda plays a central role? Fics where she's a important supporting player but not the main character are fine, too. I looked and saw that there was no idol_reflection for her nor any ship_manifesto featuring her.

I know museofspeed has written some Jean/Wanda femmeslash, Intimate Acquaintances and Block Buster Busts Blocks. I've also read and liked Matt Nute's (LJ?) story Genetic Superiority, World Domination, and a Double Chocolate Mocha Latte To Go, Please; or Reunion at Starbucks [alternate link], in which Magneto tries to make amends with his children during the holidays.

Any other recs?
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Looking for an X-Men: Evolution vid [12 Feb 2009|02:03pm]

Hi. I'm looking for an X-Men: Evolution fanvid set to "Fighter" by Christina Aguleira. (I suspect that's not spelled right. I'm also not sure if that's the name of the song. I'm so cool.) It was a character study of the Scarlet Witch, and the theme was that all the things that Magneto had done to hurt her along the way actually made her stronger and more self-reliant in the end. I know I originally saw it on YouTube, but I have no idea if it was the original source of the vid. I could not find it again now. I also asked over at vidfinders, and someone thought that the creator might be named scarletlightning. However, no active link could be found. Thanks for any help.
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[21 Dec 2008|09:01pm]


COMIC [Blink, Mystique, Nightcrawler, Scarlett Witch, Scott/Jean, Tabitha/Sam]
Pimping of marvel_icontest

click here to see the rest

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Icons. [11 Oct 2008|10:35pm]

... Anybody alive in here?

I've made 72 Scarlet witch icons.

Over here at my journal.

I also did a Scarlet Witch picspam a while ago, if any of you are interested in that.
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Gambit & Deadpool [28 Feb 2008|02:30pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Now that Gambit and Deadpool have been confirmed for the upcoming Wolverine movie, do you think there may be a Wanda or Quicksilver cameo- if not a chance at the pair appearing in future installments of either Wolverine or Magneto?

Tell me what you think!

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Magneto [21 Feb 2008|12:49am]

[ mood | curious ]

Speaking of the Magneto movie, does anyone know what the latest reports are?

I know that I'm being idealistic, considering that the movie is meant to focus on his early years, but if someone were to play the role of Wanda, who would you cast for the part?

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Love writing X-Men Fanfics? [27 Jan 2008|07:58pm]


If this isn't allowed, please delete this. I'm sorry!

GOAL: Write 15 fanfics (100 words mim.) for 15 different prompts.

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[01 Apr 2006|09:06pm]

Hello there! I'm Elizabeth {or if you'd like, Liza} & I've actually been here for a bit, but I've just been really quiet. Anyhow, I thought that some of you would be interested in this. While I did not make this, I must applaud the maker for having went through all of this work! {I myself like making mixes & I have an Evo!Wanda mix in the works}

Magneto's Daughter: Confessions of A Broken Heart

Anything else? Well, I only recently began to fangirl develop an interest in Wanda by way of her brother Pietro {I have a little thing for him as well as for her!} & that was through X-Men: Evolution. I know that some Wanda fans aren't too pleased with her portrayal in the Evo-verse, but I don't mind it too much. Comic-verse, I'm a big Kurt/Wanda shipper, but I sadly have missed out on the whole House of M series, though I know the story. I'm planning on getting it when I have the money.

Also, I hope no one minds my doing this. ::blushes::

the_x_institute. It's an Evo-verse RPG that could use a Wanda right now. I thought some of you might be interested!
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Ha. [15 Feb 2006|10:59am]

Thought this was cute XD So I figured I'd share!

Follow the FAKE CUT!
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